Pipe Inspections and Pipeline Condition Assessments

Pipe inspection is a sure and safe method for structures to determine the condition of the water supply system, and we photograph all external pipelines.

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External Building Pipe Inspection

Tasarakennus Oy offers pipe inspections and condition assessments for external building pipelines (waste, stormwater, and drainage pipes) starting from a diameter of 75 mm upwards to a maximum inspection length of 60 m. We serve in the Turku area and nearby municipalities. 

Pipe inspection can identify potential problems such as blockages, leaks, or structural defects before they cause more significant damage or costs. This proactive approach helps maintain the functionality of pipelines and reduces unexpected repair expenses.

We perform inspections using a pushable pipeline camera, which records the entire inspection as well as the progress of the inspection length during the inspection. If desired, you can also follow the inspection in real-time! We always provide customers with recordings of the inspection and reports as per agreement. 

If problems arise, we also offer pipeline renovation services – and even a dream yard at the same time! 

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Order Pipe Inspection for Turku and Surrounding Areas

When you want to ensure the condition of your property's water supply, contact us and take advantage of our expertise in waste, stormwater, and drainage pipe inspections. Our safe and efficient inspections help detect potential problems in time.

For pipe inspection inquiries, Antti Uusilehto is at your service.

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