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Turkulainen Tasarakennus Oy is quick, flexible, and service-oriented, happily addressing various challenges. We execute projects comprehensively from planning to final documentation, or as needed, we take care of specific parts. 

We provide all earthworks, such as excavation and filling of house foundations, as well as construction of water and sewer lines and drainage. Additionally, we specialize in yard construction: paving, stonework, retaining walls, and green works like lawns, planting, and playgrounds. 

For us, uncompromising quality and cost-efficiency are inseparably intertwined. We focus on combining meticulous planning and precise execution to offer our clients sustainable solutions without unnecessary cost pressure.

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Tasarakennus Oy was established as a joint-stock company in 1984. The company's operations began on 6.6.1977 under the trade name Maanrakennus T. Uusilehto. Our company has over 40 years of experience in earth and environmental construction.

In the 70s and 80s, we sought a direction for our expertise and developed our skills, with operations being predominantly in earthworks. In the 90s, we further enhanced our professionalism with diverse tasks and broader sector contracts. Our operations focused on the Turku economic area.

2000s and Today

In the 2000s, our expertise in our field is already strong. Our starting point is efficient and skilled staff, as well as performing work according to the agreed schedule. Our main purpose is to serve well and reliably, aiming for continuity.

Tasarakennus Oy celebrated its 30th anniversary on April 26, 2014. Tasarakennus Oy (0535629-2) was strategically divided into two new companies on November 1, 2015, as part of a generational change process. The company's operations continue as usual with the new Tasarakennus Oy (2691974-4).


Tasarakennus Oy is financially sound. According to Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, our credit rating is among the Strongest in Finland Platinum. Tasarakennus Oy is also classified as AA – Good credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet Finland Oy.

In recent years, we have purposefully invested in our equipment and quality management and operational control systems, aiming for controlled growth in the coming years. This way, we can continue to strengthen our position as a reliable player in our region and serve our customers more efficiently at every stage of the project.

As a strong and responsible regional operator, Tasarakennus Oy is also a member of the Turku Entrepreneurs and Finnish Entrepreneurs, and we are also members of the Turku Chamber of Commerce.

Quality and Environment

Tasarakennus Oy strives for continuous improvement in quality and maintaining environmentally friendly work practices and actions. It is a matter of honor for us to offer our customers high-quality and cost-effective services without compromising quality, environmental condition, and work safety.

For us, quality is born from the right equipment and skilled personnel, as well as a desire for continuous development of the company.

Quality Management and Operational Control System

Tasarakennus Oy has an updated SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard quality management and operational control system, which also considers the requirements of the SFS-EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard. Modern electronic systems are used for operational control, quality documentation, and site access control.


The entire staff of Tasarakennus Oy consists of skilled professionals in their field. Our supervisory and production staff are trained according to the latest work safety, hot work, water hygiene, and road safety rules and requirements.

We continuously maintain and develop our staff's skills through various training, certification courses, and by focusing on high-quality and safe daily work. When arriving at a work site, our staff always have the necessary tools and personal protective equipment required by regulations.

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