Yard Construction Services

A beautiful and functional environment increases well-being, whether it's an urban area or a home garden. 

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Yard and Green Construction – Turku and Surrounding Areas

Every area has its potential, perhaps not yet discovered – and that's where we come in. Expert services in earthworks and landscaping in the Turku area for both private and public sites. 

Our clients value comprehensive service: we literally build the yard from the ground up.

  • We provide area and green planning, and expert consulting as needed, ensuring every detail is thoughtfully and carefully planned. 
  • We execute earthworks and cultivation so that the terrain serves its future aesthetic and functional purpose.
  • Plantings, pavings, asphalting, and other desired elements beautifully and durably executed.
  • Installation and renewal of playgrounds – always prioritizing safety.

Our professionals are ready to guide you at every step. We serve housing associations, construction companies, the public sector, and private households in all their yard construction needs.

Ammattilaisemme ovat valmiita opastamaan sinua joka askeleella. Palvelemme taloyhtiöitä, rakennusliikkeitä, julkista sektoria ja yksityisiä kotitalouksia kaikissa piharakentamisen tarpeissa.

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Comprehensive Yard Construction Services

We offer various green and yard construction services, including:

  • Patio paving and stonework
  • Support and decorative walls
  • Embeddable and adhesive edge stones
  • Lawns and other surfaces
  • Plantings
  • Renovations and expansions of old sites
  • Land cultivation
  • Renovations and installations of playgrounds
  • Asphalting works
  • Area and green planning
  • Expert consulting
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How Does Yard Construction Progress?

1. Contact

Contact us by phone or email and describe the desired work. There’s no need for detailed plans – an idea or wish is enough to start!

2. Site Visit

We assess your current yard and discuss preliminary plans. If you already have a garden plan, we can optimize it to current conditions.

3. Quote and Execution

After the site visit, we make an offer. Once you accept it, we agree on the start of the work and execute it according to the plan.

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Why Tasarakennus?


We offer a wide range of earthworks services supporting yard and green construction, but we also carry out pure surface work contracts. We execute projects comprehensively, combining elements from different sectors to achieve a seamless process and the best end result. 

When yard construction and green works are relevant in Turku and the surrounding municipalities, contact us and share your wishes!

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Playground Renovation and Equipment Installation

Safe and Fun Playtime

We undertake renovations of playgrounds and installations of playground equipment for kindergartens, schools, and housing associations. We carry out upgrades properly and carefully, ensuring a safe play area for children.

Often in housing associations, there is a desire to renovate an old play area. Practically, this means updating playground equipment and surfaces. At the same time, we can also reorganize the lighting.

Different laws and regulations guide the renovation of playgrounds. Old play areas do not need to be completely renewed, but if any changes are made, then the entire play area must be renovated according to current regulations.

Legal Requirements for Playground Safety

If, for example, a piece of playground equipment is replaced, it's necessary to consider the safety surfaces and areas for that equipment. Often, this reveals that the old playground does not meet current regulations. Practically, this means renovating the entire playground.

The law dictates the materials for safety surfaces according to the safety areas. Each piece of playground equipment is assigned its own safety area, where the surface material must have a sufficiently thick layer and extent according to the equipment's fall height. Common safety surface materials include safety sand (layer thickness 300–400 mm) and various safety mats and coatings.

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