Proper drainage is the underground insurance of every property. 

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Drains in Turku and Nearby Municipalities

Tasarakennus, a specialist in all types of earthworks, implements drainage renovations and new drainage systems in Turku and its nearby areas with decades of solid professional expertise. We serve construction companies, housing associations, municipalities, cities, as well as private individuals.

We offer comprehensive services covering all stages of the drainage project, from planning to execution. Nothing is left halfway: For instance, when digging up a foundation, various damages that are revealed are repaired on the spot. We fix issues like exposed rebar, rust, cracks, or holes. And if the paint surface has seen better days, we give it a fresh coat.

Our skilled staff, operating with modern, high-quality equipment, guarantees successful implementation regardless of the project. Contact us, and we’ll get your drains sorted out in one go!

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Why Should Drains be Renovated?

Drainage systems are designed to channel upward capillary moisture and surface water away from the foundations of a building effectively. A drainage system comprises drain pipes, inspection and collector wells, and an outflow pipe. Surface gradients, gutter piping, and rain gutters are used to direct rainwater away from the foundation. Controlled handling of rainwater is crucial for effective building dryness maintenance.

A broken or missing drainage system can cause several structural and, in worst cases, health hazards:

  • The basement level and foundations can become damp, causing moisture damage to the subfloor structures and walls.
  • The foundation can suffer damage.
  • Moisture damage can lead to mold and microbial problems.
  • Moisture damage can deteriorate indoor air quality and increase odors.
  • Poorly functioning drainage can lead to erosion of the yard's soil, affecting landscaping and vegetation.
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How the Drainage Renovation Progresses

1. Needs Assessment and Condition Survey

  • A condition survey/investigation for the drains, which practically means pipe inspection and test pit excavation.
  • Observations of the condition of the old pipe system and potential problems, as well as the moisture burden of the foundation structures.
    • Often, findings support the client's own observations, such as poor indoor air quality.

2. Planning and Making an Offer

  • After the investigation/decision, we make a plan for the work, or if a plan already exists, we make a direct offer.
  • Possible renewal of private side water and sewer lines is discussed.

3. Starting the Work

  • We arrive to perform the drainage renovation at the agreed time.
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Additional Considerations in Drainage

Additional Measures on the Private Side

  • Water lines and sewers on the property are renewed if necessary.
  • If needed, the stormwater system is also renewed.
  • Old drains are partially or completely renewed and connected to the new stormwater system.
  • Note that it is prohibited to direct drainage water into the sewage system unless the municipality has a stormwater line in the area.

Additional Measures on the Housing Association Side

  • Gutter lines are often renovated as well.
  • If necessary, property sewers and at least the property side rainwater lines are renewed.

Just a Survey Inspection

  • Note that a survey inspection alone is a separately billed service.
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Innovative Solutions for Drainage

Drainage Insulation Boards as an Alternative

There is an alternative to the traditional gravel structure, i.e., the waterproofing membrane-drainage-gravel solution, in the form of drainage insulation boards. We use the following quality brands: 

The panels enable vertical frost insulation and a drainage layer to be created with the same structure/product. This saves on the removal of excavated materials, and old excavation soil can be utilized in the backfill. The panels are more breathable for the structure of the property. We have implemented numerous projects specifically using these drainage insulation panels.

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Lightweight Materials Overcome Settlement Problems

In locations where ground settlement or poor load-bearing soil is an issue, different ground-settlement-reducing lightening structures can be implemented during the drainage process. The most common lightening materials are foam glass aggregate and Leca gravel.

Cost-wise, lightening materials are more expensive compared to traditional drainage gravel solutions, but they offer additional benefits beyond just lightening. Using these materials allows for the implementation of vertical frost insulation for foundations (horizontal frost insulation if the lightening structure is executed wide and thick enough) and a drainage layer using the same structure/product.

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